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Submitted on
February 17, 2013
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"She will never understand you..."

I dont care.

"So why try?"

Why not?

"Im asking you."

Maybe she is different.

"And if she is not?"

Then I'm a fool all the same.

"Then what will you do?"

Try more.. Then maybe just leave?

"What if she is just a great liar? Or just doesn't care for you?"

You can't decide that without knowing the person.

"Maybe she does. And deosnt like what she sees."

She still doesnt know me. No matter what she thinks.

"How do you know that?"

Because only one person knows me. Because I let them that far in... I told them stories, events, and things I probably never should of... But I dont regret it.

"Do you think they will betray you with that trust?"

I don't believe so.

"You are not certain? So why give that trust away?"

Whats love without trust?

"And what is trust without love?"

Nothing. Because nether can exist without the other.  You never love someone unless you trust them, and you never give trust to someone unless you love them.

"That or your just too trusting."

Wouldn't be the first time.

"Was she different too?"


"How so?"

I wouldn't be here if she wasn't.

"Then why fight?"

Sometimes to much love brings conflict. It comes up eventualy. You can never not fight with who you love.

"So a mistake?"

No. Never.

"Then what?"

Just love. And always will be love, no matter the relationship. I still care, Im still here.

"You broke her heart, you know that?"

Of course I do...

"Then why do you act like nothing happened?"

I don't, I just try to stay afloat.



"I see."

No you don't.

"Maybe, I do."

How can you?

"Maybe Im different too."
Im not moving on. Alone is what I want to be for a long time. Understand Please.
is some of that about me? the broke heart?
xX3MOxNITESTARXx Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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